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LCC International University

Community life
  • An engaging supportive environment with students from more than 50 different countries, leading to a rich tapestry of cultural exhcange.
  • A small campus where students with different cultural background living together, allowing discussions, events, and activities that celebrate and share their cultural traditions.
  • A body of faculty from various countries, contributing to a multicultural academic environment and promoting cross-cultural learning.
  • Various events, including cultural festivals, art exhibitions, musical performances, and more, celebrating diversity.
  • Provide a wide range of courses, such as Natural Sciences, Worldview, Ethics, Conflict Transformation, and Interpersonal Communication to expand my general knowledge and sharpen my critical thinking.
  • Offer major courses, such as Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognition, Statistics, and Neurogenetics to deepen my knowledge in my field of interest.
  • Equip me with in-depth knowledge of research methodology.
  • Allow me to conduct an independent research project for my final thesis.
  • Prepare me for real-life situations with a mandatory practicum.
  • Interact directly with professors because of the small size of classes.
  • Practice writing skills and critical thinking as research papers and essays are assigned in addition to exams in every class.