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Thanh Tran


I am finishing my bachelor's program in Psychology at LCC International University in Lithuania. In 2024, I am committed to securing a research internship to gain hands-on experience before embarking on another academic endeavor. I am also applying to postgraduate programs in Cognitive Neuroscience.



When I say I study Psychology, people think I study fortune telling or reading others' minds. My casual conversation: do you know why in a picture with flash at night our eyes are red while a cat's eyes glow? Because our choroid is black and has veins, and a cat's tapetum is reflective.

The moment that piqued my research interest was during my Cognition class, where we analyzed conflicting eyewitness testimonies related to the tragic case of the killing of a teenage black boy, Mike Brown, by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. Witness accounts varied significantly, raising questions about the influence of implicit biases, attention control, and pre-existing knowledge on perception. The way people perceived identical situations so differently based on the stimuli to which their attention was drawn deeply fascinated me. Therefore, my interests pertain to neural mechanisms underlying visual attentional and perceptual processes.